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The Best (and Worst) Way To Get Photos and Videos During Rehearsal

Tuesday, 2 May 2023
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Your promotion efforts can soar to new heights with some top-notch media. Let's face it, when people are staring at a computer monitor, long blocks of text can make their eyes glaze over. But a captivating photo or video clip, now that's something that gets noticed. It's more likely to be shared and could even go viral, which is the ultimate goal for promoting your show online.

What kind of images should you aim for? Ideally, you want to capture spontaneous moments from rehearsals.
These fleeting glimpses can tease the public with a sneak peek of what the final product will look like.

But who should be behind the camera? You might be tempted to do it yourself, but think twice.
Sure, you're already there, you're watching the action on stage, and you know which aspects of the show are worth emphasizing. But during rehearsals, you need to focus on the production and leave the camera work to someone else.

If not you, then who? Having a "community" camera being passed around during rehearsals may sound like a good idea, but it rarely produces decent results.
Your cast may be too preoccupied with running lines and thinking about entrances and exits. If you have an assistant director who has some downtime, they could help out, but they likely have other responsibilities.

The best option is to hire an outsider whose sole job is to capture photos and videos of your show.
If you want high-quality video footage, you'll need someone who can hold the camera for the entire rehearsal. It may seem expensive, but the results will be worth it. Remember, it's not just about filling seats - you want your show to be well-rehearsed, well-produced, and well-directed. So, during rehearsals, leave the camera work to someone else and focus on creating a top-notch production.

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