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Using the Theatre's Website For Promotion

Wednesday, 3 May 2023
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Photo: The J Noosa, QLD

Creating a website for your show may require a bit of effort on your part. This task can feel even more daunting if the theatre where you'll be performing already has its own website. They may have even offered to create a page for your show, so you don't have to worry about it.

While this is undoubtedly helpful, there is still room for improvement.
The question then becomes whether you should volunteer to take on more promotional responsibilities and add your content to the theatre's website. However, we all know that the theatre industry can be very political, and they may not be willing to grant you permission to add anything beyond the standard show information.

Assuming you have the option to make the theatre's website your home base for online promotion, should you take it? The answer depends on your goals for the show.

If it's an original production, I'd say you absolutely need your own separate website.
When the show is successful and you're ready to take it to other venues, you don't want all your information hosted on one particular theatre's website.

But what if you're promoting a classic show like South Pacific or Our Town? If your only concern is promoting the single performance, then you could probably use the theatre's website if they allow you the freedom to add photos, videos, bios, contests, and press information.

You could even suggest to them that they use this approach to promote all their other shows.

Even if you do need a separate website, having your show appear on the theatre's site can only help.
Season ticket holders and other groups who may not have heard about your show, despite your best efforts, could learn about your production from the theatre's website.

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