Red Tree Theatre - JD's World of Magic
13 April

JD's World of Magic

Red Tree Theatre, Tuggerah

Presented by Red Tree Theatre
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International Award- Winning Magician Joel Howlett returns to Red Tree Theatre

Ended on Thursday, 13 April 2023

Joel Howlett is a highly skilled magician and one of the stars of JD's World of Magic, an entertainment company that specializes in providing top-quality magical performances for a wide range of events.

Originally from Australia, Joel has been performing magic since the age of 12 and has spent over a decade honing his craft.
His love of magic started with a simple card trick that he learned from his grandfather, and from that moment on, he was hooked.

Over the years, Joel has become known for his dynamic and engaging performances, which combine stunning visual illusions with a charming and humorous stage presence.
He is a master at captivating his audience, drawing them in with his quick wit and engaging personality, and leaving them amazed by his incredible magic tricks.

One of Joel's signature tricks is his "Fire and Ice" routine, which involves a stunning display of flames and a sudden transition to snow, leaving the audience in awe.
This is just one example of the many creative and impressive illusions that Joel has developed over the years, using his extensive knowledge of magic, technology, and performance art to create truly unforgettable moments.

In addition to his work as a magician, Joel is also a highly sought-after speaker and consultant, sharing his insights and expertise with businesses, organizations, and individuals around the world.
He has delivered presentations on topics such as creativity, innovation, and the psychology of magic, drawing on his unique experiences as a magician to provide valuable lessons and insights.

Joel is an incredibly talented and dynamic performer, whose passion and dedication to magic has made him one of the most respected and sought-after magicians in the world.
Whether performing on stage, consulting with businesses, or teaching others the art of magic, Joel's energy and creativity never fail to leave a lasting impression. For anyone looking for an unforgettable magical experience, Joel Howlett and JD's World of Magic are an unbeatable combination.

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Red Tree Theatre

Red Tree Theatre

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