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DAVID HELFGOTT truly is a living legend

Monday, 24 June 2024 Avoca Beach Theatre

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DAVID HELFGOTT truly is a living legend! We are over the moon that this iconic Australian pianist returns! Sun 29th Sep 3:30pm events.humanitix.com/davi..live-and-intimate-matinee

Currently on a World Tour performing captivating with his extraordinary gift huge audiences of up to 40,000 at a time, out of his deep friendship with us, he returns to little Avoca Beach Theatre for a very intimate performance.
Get up close to the music and the man who leaves audiences in raptures!

It is a highlight of our year when David performs' said Beth Hunter.
His energy seems boundless! His fingers fly across the keys and he plays from memory - he must have a veritable musical library stored in his head!'

David Helfgott has 2 films made about him SHINE and THE MUSICAL MIND as well as books about him.
Now come & experience his virtuosity in person!.

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