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Sunday, 23 June 2024 FunHaus Factory
FunHaus Factory

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Last Sundays, Live Music in Gosford @FunHaus Factory there was not a seat left in the Haus as Afro Moses Ojah moved, moulded and mingled his music into our hearts, souls and feet.

None of this is possible without you getting off your couch and jumping onto your local communities one.
People power means you and inclusion means opening our own doors to be the change you want to see in your neighborhood, visible diversity across ages, family structures, culture, gender, sexuality, ability means showing up and creating our own seat at the table.

We are still feeling the people power of last Sunday and reminded how when united as a community there is no better way we can support artists, audiences, wellbeing, connection and economic survival than through ongoing intentional and meaningful delivery of Arts & Music.

Check out what's on and support accessible Arts & Culture that won't be boxed in on what is Art and who is invited!

Join us this Sunday 23rd for Scupriri, this mind-blowing Sicilian folk ensemble.
is a 7-piece vocals, violin, double bass, accordion, guitar and percussion band also touting Sicilian instruments such as the Maranzano and Tamburello.

Throughout its history, Sicily has been occupied by various major empires of the region and further afield.
The legacy of a rich and diverse culture and language. Sicilian instruments such as the Maranzano and Tamburello.

UNESCO recognizes the indigenous Romance language of the Sicilian dialect as
vulnerable and endangered language, come and hear for yourself not only live music but the oldest (700 A.D) of the italo-romance language in the world !

Enjoy delicious street food from Beau's Kitchen as you take in the atmosphere and enjoy a cocktail (or mocktail).

All ages, Free no more excuses!

Live Music Australia an Australian Government initiative
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