Ensemble Theatre

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Fuse theatre, food and wine together, and what do you get

Saturday, 3 February 2024 Ensemble Theatre
Ensemble Theatre

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Fuse theatre, food and wine together, and what do you get? Our special matched wine dinners with our friends at @Hungerford Hill Wines!

Join us on Wed 13 Nov and experience the best from Bayly's Bistro and Hungerford Hill Winery.
On the night, you'll hear Head Chef Ian Aguilar and esteemed Chief Winemaker Bryan Currie talk about the different pairings.

Dinner is followed by the world premiere of Sam O'Sullivan's fast-paced and topical comedy MCGUFFIN PARK, directed by Mark Kilmurry.

Tickets sell quickly, so head to our website to snap up yours today - bit.ly/spring-dinner-24

Karen Watson.

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