Laycock Street Community Theatre


Welcoming a Sensory Friendly Performance as part of the Show Run for Disney's Moana Jr

Tuesday, 31 October 2023 Laycock Street Community Theatre
Laycock Street Community Theatre

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Welcoming a Sensory Friendly Performance as part of the Show Run for Disney's Moana Jr. This session will run on Wednesday 17th January 1.30pm and we look forward to welcoming all guests to be part of the audience.

Tickets available:

What to expect at the Sensory Friendly Performance:

At our sensory friendly performance, we encourage audience members to be completely themselves in order to feel comfortable feel free to make sounds, move your body, fidget, stim and use noise-cancelling headphones.

We will not use bells in the foyer area to announce show time, but will instead have staff give verbal indication that it is time for patrons to find their seats in the auditorium.
The Don Craig Room will be open as a dedicated quiet space for patrons and will have dim lighting to assist those needing a space away from the busy and noisy foyer.

During the performance, lighting will remain on in the auditorium at a dim level, and the volume of the show and sound effects will be lower as well to accommodate those with sensory sensitivities.

We will have a pre-show welcome where the main characters will come out on stage and introduce themselves and will explain some of the effects of the show (e.g.
smoke, sound effects), particularly highlighting scenes that may have higher sensory impact.

We hope that the inclusion of a sensory friendly performance means that more people can comfortably access the theatre and see this beautiful show.

For those with sensory sensitivities who have already booked tickets to one of our other performances, we will be putting out a post in the coming weeks detailing some of the effects that can be expected in the performance.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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